K.K. Agarwal
All the group companies are headed by Mr. K.K. Agarwal, Born in 1948, holding a B. Tech Degree from College of Agricultural Engineering, Punjab agricultural University, Ludhiana, India. (Engineering College is affiliated to Ohio State University, Ohio, USA), is having over 46 years of Business Experience.After getting Engineering Degree in 1971, Mr Agarwal started his Business in India in 1971, and had a franchise of HMT - Zetor Tractors in an Agricultural Belt of India and within 3 years he became # 1 Distributor in the State.He visited Dubai in 1982 and found lot of Business Prospects in UAE and immediately thereafter he moved to Dubai and started his New Company for Electrical Equipment Trading. Then he gained a lot of experience for various industries and expanded his business by diversifying & by adding new products, Services & manufacturing.

Over the past 35 years in Dubai, Mr Agarwal had started a few companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & in Sharjah dealing in:

  • EPC projects
  • MEP Contracting
  • Electrical Low voltage Switchgear and other Electrical equipment
  • Rental of Industrial Equipment
  • PEB Buildings
  • Manufacturing of printed Business forms

Mr. Agarwal is representing & distributing a few world-renowned brands and has a mix of international & local clientele.

Mr. Agarwal is also member of following Clubs & Organizations in UAE



R. Panjabi
Ms. R. Panjabi, Director of the Group, holds an MBA from University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, IL, USA and a Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, MA, USA. She joined Inexco Innovations in 2007 after completing her MBA. Her career with Inexco developed as the company grew. She is the originator of the Adventure Mini Golf Project, and is responsible for handling this Venture independently.

People are the backbone of any organization and they play an important role in the growth of a company. Though MrAgarwal heads the group, each individual company from its inception is managed professionally by a division head. It is the focus of the group to select managers with pertinent talents and allowing them to excel in their chosen area. They receive regular professional development through attendance at seminars, exhibitions and trade fairs, arranged to allow them to keep abreast of the latest technologies and systems in the world. Each division head is assisted by managers, engineers, technicians and other support staff.

As a management principle, each member of the team is encouraged to suggest their opinion of the best way of completing a job, thereby inculcating in them a sense of inclusion and pride. With each day presenting new opportunities, each member recognizes that he/she is part of an exciting period in Inexco's growth as a company. Inexcomakes sure that its employees feel that their work is both challenging & rewarding at the same time.

Senior Team Members

Dr. Pradip Kumar Dey

Dr. Pradip Kumar Dey is a very highly respected pioneer in the textile industry with over 30 years of experience in production, production planning, quality, maintenance, R&D, plant management and operations etc. Having completed his Ph.D and Masters from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi, Dr. Dey is regarded as one of the top subject matter experts (SME) in the field. He has served as COO & President level roles for some of the largest textile organizations in India with billions of USD in revenue like Welspun, Birla Century and Trident. Dr. Dey is passionate about Product Development and Research, having served as Welspun Group Head of R&D, during which time his work lead to several patents for the organization culminating in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

He has provided expertise in executing several greenfield textile projects for some of the top textile companies in India. Dr. Dey has strong relationships with some of the top industry leaders and comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is familiar with all aspects of the business and is aware of the market overview and latest trends from a business and technology standpoint while staying aware of the developing factors that drive demand thus enabling organizations to stay steps ahead of their competitors always.