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Hospitality and Theme Structure Services Division:

Inexco Innovations LLC is the authorized representative of COST of Wisconsin, Inc. in the Middle East Region.

 Who is Cost of Wisconsin, Inc.?

COST of Wisconsin, Inc. has been actively involved in theme construction and specialty fabrication since 1957. The headquarters is located in Jackson, WI, a Milwaukee suburb. The plant and office occupy a 140,000 sq. ft. building on over 64 acres.

Capabilities and Expertise Since 1957, COST has had the pleasure of working at well over 50% of the AZA institutions in the U.S. and Canada, every major theme park develops in North America, and over half of the large-scale waterpark companies.

In addition to work in North America, COST & Inexco Innovations LLC have worked in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Slovakia, India, New Zealand, Columbia and many more. We have a long and distinguished track record for delivering projects within the schedule and respective budget.COST has always been a well-diversified company.

The unique construction capabilities are warranted in many different market segments. These segments all require varying degrees of theme finishes and specialty fabrication.

From Consultation to Completion.
Consulting, Model Building, Fabrication, and Construction.

Contact us for your next Project!  And we will turn your theme ideas into reality!

Building Materials Supplies Division:

Inexco Innovation LLC, the parent company of this group, started its business in 1982 with the supply of electrical equipment for low voltage switchgear industry. The company then diversified into other products, such as p.p. bags, fuel oil, cladding accessories and computer stationery.The company holds a general trading license and its registered offices are located in Dubai. Supplier of the biggest brands from UK, Switzerland, USA, France, Italy etc.

Fix - ring, Connect-ring, Fast ring, etc. for various electrical cabling application.

I.N.G. fixations Eco Rings.


Flashing Tapes, Sealing Products, Waterproofing Membranes & Stratos.

Waterproof and sealing bituminous and butyl tapes protected by a reinforced metal film. Used for waterproofing, repairing and permanent sealing, Flashing Tapes are laid and adhere to most materials used in the building trade and in the industry in general (such as metals, wood, glass, marble, ceramics, concrete, stone, plastic and some types of PVC). Ideal for DIY and indispensable for maintenance and repair specialists, they are ready to use after simply removing the silicon film.
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Complete range of sealing and waterproofing butyl & bitumen tapes, mastics, and cordons, bi-adhesive or self-protected with metal or synthetic film. Ideal for sealing, waterproofing and protecting, these products adhere perfectly to any surface and materials - plastic, glass, wood, aluminum and steel. The Sealing Tapes, Strips & Compounds line is in constant evolution: besides the standard range, a number of tailored solutions are designed to meet the demands of customers operating in various industrial sectors.
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Waterproofing self-sealing self-adhesive membranes for building trade and industry. Versatile and easy to use, Elotene Waterproofing membranes can be cold applied, without using flames or heat sources. A unique tool for the civil and industrial waterproofing specialist, they are ready to use by simply removing the silicon film. They also represent the ideal solution for carrying out immediate or emergency applications and always provide definitive and long-lasting results. Click here to view the image.

Sealing tapes and mastics, joining strips, crack anti-propagation membranes: a complete range of products for road maintenance.
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Engineering Projects Division:

Inexco Innovations LLC leveraged several years of experience gained through execution of various construction, infrastructure, and power projects through the EPC route, to extend its services to external customers at national and international level.

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Electro-Mechanical Works Division:

Inexco Innovations LLC is partnered with “TRENDS ELECTRO-MECHANICAL WORKS L.L.C.” registered in Abu Dhabi & Dubai to address the demand of growing market needs on MEP CONTRACTING and is rapidly moving on to become one of the well-recognized companies in the industry. The core areas of Business include MEP Contracting, Facilities Management and Trading of Electro-Mechanical Equipment.

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